The Coming Global State?


Yesterday, on the Google homepage, there was an ad for “The Global Citizen’s” Festival in Central Park. This “Global Citizen” hype is everywhere these days and is gaining momentum throughout the West.

Here is one possible interpretation of the so-called Global Citizens movement. Let’s call it the Brave New World hypothesis and it goes like this:

There is, indeed, something akin to an international postmodern movement afoot and its players are trying to end (or at least significantly weaken) the political supremacy of the nation-state structure of the world. The players are using the Alinsky playbook. The objective is creation of a global state that politically and economically supersedes all nation-states. The global state is to be run by a tiny corp of intellectual elites who will also be the prime benefactors of the “perks of power”.

The institutional players are the International Monetary Fund, The World Bank, the United Nations, World Health Organization, the Academy, large multi-national corporations, Facebook, Google, and international NGO’s.  Now that these key global-state institutions are in place and the players are beginning to coalesce, the propaganda campaign is unfolding in full force. Their key objective has been to begin to “dilute” the power and authority of the nation-states around the globe, a necessary step toward global statism. Under the global-state paradigm, nations still exist but merely as benign political-districts serving the vision of the global-state.

The governing structure sought by the global statists is loose and committee-like. The global-statist believe that under the new global order two or three key inspirational leaders will always emerge to “Lead the Global State”. There is no one central locus of operation where these globalist meet to conspire. Communication is postmodern in method: Adherents and would-be adherents listen for the “bird-whistle” in the news media and social media. These would-be global citizens are always on the lookout for “spontaneous happenings” such as the sudden appearance of Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street and other faux public raging against the nation-state. The call-to-action is implicit and clear down to the locations of neighborhoods that are to be the point-of-assembly. Collectively, these methods of postmodern communication loosely bind the globalists and unite them in their daily efforts to “change the world”.

The key political tactics are to de-stabilize key nation-states through: a) massive illegal & legal immigration & radical mixing of all cultures resulting in tensions, chaos & anarchy,  b) creating impossible-to-amortize nation-state debt, c) teaching young citizens a revisionist history that erases the lessons and facts of the past, d) control election outcomes through un-manageable, impossible to track, chaotic voting processes, e) convince citizens that they have an innate right to be the recipients of the wealth and income of other citizens with government being the intermediary and, f) creating a false narrative that nation-states resisting global statism are racist, totalitarian, and oppressive which gives rise to the need for their re-placement by an objective, neutral, professionally run global-state.

The last significant obstacle to rendering the nation-state subservient to the global-state is substantive reduction of nation-state military infrastructure.

This scenario is far-fetched, I know. The real world of our politics is much more pedestrian, confused, disparate, and plural. Nations are not likely to surrender to the globalist vision quite so easily.  But this description has the troubling aspect that it fits many of the facts and much of the rhetoric of contemporary politics rather well.





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