The Battle Ahead: Re-constitutionalizing America


In this dark hour, the American constitutional republic seems lost. Our founding form of governance has burnt to the ground from fires set by political arsonists. A postmodern  regime opposed to a free civic society and constitutional rule has taken control. Its operatives are systematically installing an authoritarian bureaucratic state on the site where our free civic society once stood. The Congress is but Kabuki Theatre, the Courts have abandoned constitutional jurisprudence, and the Executive has weaponized the federal bureaucracy to intimidate citizens into acquiescence and has skillfully divided Americans into angry warring factions. The efforts of the regime in dividing us and in stoking the fires of animosity between American citizens have been so successful that we are now entering what could correctly be called die Schrecklichezeit, the Terrible Time: Citizen against citizen.

We must not allow the regime’s strategy of government led citizen agitation continue. Let us not surrender to the forces of administrative authoritarianism, let us recognize that the war for constitutional America continues and that we must gather ourselves for the battle ahead. That battle has but one end: The re-constitutionalization of the United States. Victory will be achieved when the courts return to constitutional-based jurisprudence, the executive unites our citizens in common cause, and Congress re-connects itself to its mandated constitutional duties. Fighting this battle will require sacrifice, commitment, and enduring the indignities and injuries visited upon us by a hostile regime.

The shape, form, and structure of the now-forming re-constitutionalization movement are yet to be determined. We each must decide what, if any, role we are going to play in the days immediately ahead. A necessary start is for each of us to insist that Congress obstruct, in every way possible, the newly elected regime’s actions aimed at completing the century-long effort to de-constitutionlize America.

The battle begins in Congress, particularly in the committees responsible for appointments and oversight. First, those waging the war for re-constitutionalization of America must identify statesmen-leaders who have the intelligence, commitment, credibility, and courage to articulate and execute an ongoing unceasing plan of attack against the current regime. Second, we must assemble large numbers of citizens who will support and defend these leaders over the long engagement ahead. Third, each individual combatant must be willing to contribute to the cause by asserting himself into the fray boldly and with knowledge-based well-articulated rhetoric. Fourth, like Tank-man standing steadfastly in front of the tanks in Tiananmen Square, we must be willing to facedown the current regime’s intimidation.



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