Good Bye Rule of Law

You awake to face the day. Throughout the day you have a reasonable expectation to be unencumbered by bullies, criminals, and thugs. This expectation of safety is the result of the Rule of Law. The principle is simple: We have laws. Failing to follow them always has serious negative consequences. These serious negative consequences motivate criminals, thugs, and bullies to leave you alone. It’s no more complicated than that.

Thugs, bullies, and criminals are more and more everywhere. Bernie Madoff, Enron, unconstitutional Obamacare, club wielding Black Panthers at the polls,  Acorn pimps, SEIU intimidators, illegal aliens storming unchecked over the border, two year sentences for murders, Presidents and Governors commuting the sentences of violent criminals, multimillion dollar judgments to customers for spilling their hot coffee, let a murdering O.J. go, fraudster CEOs acquitted, and slaps on the wrist for law breaking Congressmen. On and on and on it goes. The current Mobster Socialism and postmodern doctrine of radical egalitarianism are destroying the Rule of Law.

The national government and its Empire of agencies, offices, and boards whimsically rule the land with near impunity. Remember how EPA administrators descended on the Sacketts in Idaho and terrorized them for years. With bold flourishes of swagger and smarm they laugh at Congress as if they were a joke. In the midst of this sad soap opera one might, if one weren’t in the media, pose the question “what ever happened to that thing called the rule of law?

The Rule of Law, like its siblings Limited Government and Fiscal Prudence, is increasingly being ignored by our governments and constitutional interpreters. In its place they have inserted the brave new world of postmodern relativism. Postmodernism is simply an intellectual euphemism for  an “Alice in Wonderland Society” where up is down and down is up. A society where criminals, thugs and bullies are the victims and peaceful productive citizens are the oppressors.  A society where the rules are always fluid and depend on ones point of view, ones opinion, ones emotions, and more importantly the personal ideology and emotions of the moment.

What the law is not, under our progressive postmodern relativist society, is what is written on the page created by lawmakers. In post modernism, words no longer mean what words mean. They mean only what anyone may “feel” or desire they mean. Up means up only if one “feels” it means up or desires it to mean up. Up could mean down, or sideways, or mountain.

It is the progressive liberal politicians and their activist henchmen that are largely responsible for trying to convince American society that the rule of law is hopelessly passe.  Adhering to the rule of law is not  “cool” not “hip” to the progressive sensibility. This is what they tell us and teach our school children. For you see, in the liberal postmodern mind the criminals, the thugs, and the bullies are not responsible for their acts. Society is responsible. In their view it is bigoted racist, rich white men, and an ignorant society unenlightened by progressive insights who are to blame for all crimes committed by criminals. Rarely can progressives bring themselves to blame the actual perpetrator. So, liberals seek to punish the larger society by confiscating money from it and bludgeoning it with Political Correctness. In doing so, they lift up the criminal as yet another poor victim needing progressive rescue and protection from a bigoted and unenlightened society that, in its ignorance, still believes that consistently applying the rule of law protects society. In the progressive view, moral and legal infrastructure is to be replaced by the vacillating feelings and transient opinions of elite rulers. Behavioral cause and effect established by the lessons of a long and painful history are to fall prey to the whimsical declarations of new age Federal policy experts and university intellectuals.

If we allow this march of post modern progressivism to continue unchallenged,  America will no longer be able to assert that it is a society governed by the rule of law. America is increasingly ruled by the socialist ambitions of Progressives, ambitions that are increasingly enforced by  the their intimidating street thugs in SEIU, their minions in the media, the Democratic Party, Federal Bureaucrats, and their Acorn soldiers-in-waiting. And soon to be enforced by what the President Obama calls his Civilian Security Force equal in size, scope and budget to the U.S. Military.

Regardless of how weakened and warped democracy and the Rule of Law has become under the relentlessness of the doctrine of political correctness and socialist progressivism and regardless of  how many progressive thugs now wield bats in the street and at the polls there is still time, precious little time, for the majority to stand, fight and defeat liberal post modernism and its Alice in Wonderland view of  human history and human reality.

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